2019 Computational Psychiatry Summer Course

Course materials can be found here

July 29-30, 2019

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

Bonnie J. Sacerdote Lecture Hall (enter on 81st St and 5th Ave)

Cost (including talks, coffee/tea/snack, and lunch on both days, plus free entry to the museum):

£180 GBP (after April 1st, 2019)

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Day 1, Monday, July 29, 2019


9:00 AM    Rene Kahn: Opening speech

9:15 AM    Peter Dayan: Theoretical approaches to function and dysfunction


9:45 AM    Christoph Mathys: Bayesian inference


10:30 AM  Coffee break (included)


11:00 AM  Peter Dayan: Reinforcement learning


11:45 AM  Nathaniel Daw: Model-based and model-free control


12:30 PM  Lunch break (included)

1:30 PM    Read Montague: Social agents

2:15 PM    Yael Niv: Model fitting and model comparison


3:00 PM    Coffee break (included)

3:30 PM    Yael Niv: Modeling example

4:15 PM    Guillermo Cecchi: Natural language processing in disorders

4:30 PM    Michele Ferrante: NIH funding opportunities for computational psychiatry

4:45 PM    Panel discussion with Jean Zarate

5:30 PM    End


6:15 PM    Networking reception (The Auction House, 300 E 89th St, New York)


Day 2, Tuesday, July 30, 2019


9:00 AM    Rick Adams: Schizophrenia

9:40 AM    Becky Lawson: Autism Spectrum Disorder

10:20 AM  Coffee break (included)


10:50 AM  Robb Rutledge: Depression

11:30 AM  Sonia Bishop: Anxiety

12:10 PM  Lunch break (included)

2:10 PM    Daniela Schiller: Trauma-related disorders

2:50 PM    Xiaosi Gu: Addiction


3:30 PM    Coffee break (included)


4:00 PM    Read Montague: Deep phenotyping

4:20 PM    Matthew Botvinick: AI, neuroscience, and psychiatry (Keynote)*

5:30 PM    End 


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Registration is now open! Please use this link

July 29-30, 2019

The Metropolitan Museum, New York, NY

Bonnie J. Sacerdote Lecture Hall (enter on 81st St and 5th Ave)